For us at Nuova Leon, quality means the care and dedication in each production phase. Our territory, Valle del Chiampo, always represents the best expression of professionalism in the sector of tanning, and we now boast 20 highly trained personnel, with unrivalled skills and constantly up-to-date knowledge. In our two production sites, we produce 25,000 square feet daily, with the constant guarantee of extremely high quality standards.



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The story of a determined man

1978 was the year that Leone Fongaroi, with sacrifice and determination, decided to set up the Leon Tannery. From the class of 1944, aware of potential developments in the sector and determined to give more opportunity to his large family, Leone rose up from a hard and troublesome childhood, and with great business acumen, created a company that grew to make the territory of Valle del Chiampo one of the richest areas of Italy.


The factory immediately started production of splits for the clothing industry. In the years that followed, when his sons Dario, Gabriele and Giuliano started working in the company at a very young age, production was extended to splits for the footwear industry. Now with the set-up of Nuova Leon, the tradition has been renewed, firmly based on continuous improvements, striving for unrivalled quality at all times. These efforts have earned well-deserved acclaim from prestigious luxury and fashion houses, who choose Nuova Leon for their indisputable quality.


Products with certified quality



High standards are ensured by the dedication of our technicians, our long-standing experience in the sector, and the thousands tests and analyses performed over all these years. All this has led us to obtain suede leathers that meet the needs of an elite market, recognizable by our trademark. Ever-attentive to events in the world of fashion, trends and luxury products, we have always been able to anticipate the demands of our clients with a targeted and attractive range of articles with new colour ranges.


Our Values



It is our responsibility to protect both the environment and the people interacting with it and to focus our work on ethics thus promoting an eco-sustainable development for future generations.




We have invested and are still investing in new generation plants, capable of improving production, while ensuring a more rational use of resources: energy, water, air. Every day we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.




Our primary concern is the safeguard of the health and safety of our workers. Through a rigorous safety management system and providing our employees with the necessary tools and training, we strive to ensure that our work activities are carried out in a safe environment in order to avoid any kind of risk.




Our responsibility issue focuses not only on the employees and the environment but also on the production chain and the company as a whole. We believe that working with ethics, intellectual honesty and moral integrity means ensuring respect for rights, protecting the weaker party and being firmly against exploitative child labour. We adhere to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora  



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