Products with certified quality

High standards are ensured by the dedication of our technicians, our long-standing experience in the sector, and the thousands tests and analyses performed over all these years. All this has led us to obtain suede leathers that meet the needs of an elite market, recognizable by our trademark. Ever-attentive to events in the world of fashion, trends and luxury products, we have always been able to anticipate the demands of our clients with a targeted and attractive range of s with new colour ranges.




Crust Art. Leontech


Crust Art. Nappato


Crust Art. Croste Stampate

Crust Art.Top Velour


Crust Art. Velour 


Crust Art. Velour Idro


Crust Art. Cachemire


Crust Art. Oil


Crust Art. Delavè


Crust Art. Rovesciato


Crust Art. Tunisi