Our articles


We are specialized in the production of leather for medium and high-end footwear.

It is possible to choose from more than 90 colours available in stock.

art. Velour

Considered our main article, it is suede made on a careful selection of calf splits size 10/12 ft² and thickness 1.2/1.3 mm.

The hand is soft and pleasant at the touch with a range of full and bright colours.

art. Cachemire

Suede article made on a careful selection of calf splits with size 8/10 ft² and thickness 0.8/1.0 mm.

The hand is soft and silky with a more closed fiber than velour.

Particularly suitable for women's footwear.

Other articles are available on request in the same colors as the chart. In addition, we also create customized colors chosen by the customer.


Thickness: 0.8/1.0 mm

Size: 7/8 ft² 


Thickness: 0.9/1.1 mm

Size: 8/9 ft²


Thickness: 1.5/1.6 mm

Size: 12/14 ft²

Rovesciato Nappato

Thickness: 1.5/1.6 mm

Size: 10/13 ft²


Thickness: 1.2/1.3 mm

Size: 14/16 ft²


Thickness: 1.2/1.4 mm

Size: 10/12 ft²


Thickness: 1.2/1.3 mm

Size: 10/12 ft²

On request Oil and Water-repellent treatments can be applied to some articles.